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First up - "Year 7? Huh?" I changed some season length/rotation/timing stuff - if you want to read about it, it's here. If you didn't think anything of seeing "Year 7", go right on ahead. Nothing much has changed :p

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I have a simblr! (Two, actually...)

The main one is Sims Over Sleep - I can follow people from that one, post random pictures, reblog stuff, etc. I will, of course, be posting long entries and Oaktree Grove stuff here on livejournal :)

Seen as more people than I expected were interested in seeing my Sim Hogwarts pictures (i.e. more than none) I decided to go ahead and make the tumblr for that now. There's only 2 pictures on there, both work-in-progress shots of Gryffindor Common Room, but I'll keep updating it as I build more things. Anyway, that one is Merlin's Plumbbob.

If you have a sims tumblr, let me know so I can follow you! Add me on there, or leave a comment here with your username ^_^


The newest additions to Oaktree Grove are siblings Daniella and Luke Ellis - they'll be moving into the newly empty cabin in the Settler Camp at the start of Autumn.
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Man has this taken me a long time to get around to! It's not even that many pictures :P

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Ok, this is in two parts because it's a lot of pictures. Also, there's a new resident, who I introduced here :)

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Oaktree Grove - Intro, Henry Stapleton

Oaktree Grove now has enough businesses that word has spread, and the settlement has attracted a new member!
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